Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Road

I am upset with myself for not having worked on this blog enough. I have all sorts of half-written blog posts - on Buddhist football; Game 39; the new Canada Cup, the strange fact that George Gillett, tired of Liverpool, has decided that Montreal, of all godforsaken places, is the place to stake one's claim to football glory. All sorts of feelings of shame and guilt.

But I have decided to liberate myself of these feelings. Fuck it, life's too short for that kind of guilt. And, praise the Lord, the new MLS season starts today.

It's funny: a year ago, I would have described myself unabashedly as an Arsenal fan. TFC was new and interesting, but essentially a diversion from my relationship with Arsenal. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, that changed. There was no eureka moment, no time when I sat bolt upright in bed and said: damn, I now belong to TFC. But at some point during those 824 minutes without a goal, some afternoon at the stadium spent singing and cheering without any real prospect of recompense in the form of a win, I became completely and utterly theirs.

And so, today, L'Ecrivain and my son and I are among the2400 TFC fans making their way down to Ohio and invading that cowshed they use as a stadium in Columbus. A 14-hour car trip for the sake of an hour of tailgaiting, 90 minues of singing and some smaller period of actual football. The season begins.

I am firmly in the majority of people who think that TFC will reek this year, that the off-season was - draft apart - an unmitigated disaster. There will be long goalless spells. But I'm romantic enough to think that we'll win today and that the boyswill give us win on the road because we'll be there making it feel like home. I know this to be completely illogical on my part, but I don't care.

I am a fan. I belong to TFC. And today is going to be our day.

More when I get home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work!

Bringing the Big B on a road trip will be fun.

It's been a big year for you. First, there was the family obligation of switching from France to Italy. Now, it's a switch from Arsenal to TFC. Big changes.

Now, I hope that you guys are taking a bus for this trip. I say that because I'm fairly certain that your family's 1991 Honda Accord, as impressive as it is, will not make that trip.

Have fun!

11:36 AM  
Blogger ursus arctos said...

Happy Birthday, Gramsci.

Don't let TFC or the refs interfere with your celebration of a great year and an even brighter future.

There's a bottle of wine with your name on it whenever you can make it over here.

5:37 AM  
Blogger mbroadhurst said...

so where's the post-game report? I know you wrote some of it in the car, after all. And I dropped you off 30+ hours ago!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Richard Whittall said...

What are we to think then about Laurent Robert?

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

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