Wednesday, March 05, 2008

TFC - Boot to the Head Time

OK, I've been trying really, really hard to think positive thoughts about TFC lately.

I've seen us let Pozniak go in a waiver draft while protecting bovine striker Colin Samuel. And I have said nothing.

I've seen two us make two defensive draft picks, bringing the number of defenders on the roster to 8. And I have said nothing.

I've seen us get bring in goon extraordinaire Kevin Harmse, bringing our quotient of central midfielders to 4. And I have said nothing.

I have seen us trade Ronnie O'Brien, THE ONE FUCKING PLAYER WHO MADE US EVEN VAGUELY WATCHABLE LAST YEAR, for draft picks and money. And I have said nothing.

I have watched Mo FART AROUND FOR THE ENTIRE GODDAMN OFF-SEASON without signing anyone useful, not even Kiki Musampa (although allegedly he's still a possibility), even though we have precisely zero - and I mean zero - decent wide men. And I have said nothing.

And you know why? Because no matter how lousy the product on the field, BMO is a place worth going to. The Boys, the singing, and the general match atmosphere, which is made up not just of home fans, but - in an incredibly promising development for MLS as a whole - away fans as well.

So, what, what, what, in the name of Jesus Christ and Danny Dichio were the morons at MLSE thinking when they decided to restrict travelling Chicago fans to a mere 100 seats?

This, as my esteemed colleague Tom has pointed out, is horseshit. If MLS wants to make a better product, it will encourage friendly rivalries and travelling fans. Lord knows, a lot of the appeal of TFC is the brilliant way we're able to get people out to away games. How does TFC think the Red Patch Boys will react when Chicago retaliates and tells them there's only 100 tickets available for the away supporters?

Now I know I have a lot of readers who will agree with me that this is a seriously boneheaded move on TFCs part and that someone in the front office is in serious need of a Boot to the Head. And so, I would invite all of you to write to Cesar Velasco, Manager of Community Relations and Sales, at to tell him exactly how stupid a decision this is.

Think of it as your community service for the day.

photo credit: el goldstone (I think)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope one of those 100 Chicago fans gives you a hug when they are in town. It sure sounds like you could use one.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Hugh said...

Dude, this issue will be dealt with and go away. It's a new phenomenon.

We should be glad it exists at all.

Now, thanks to the attention brought to the league(credit to RPB, sec. 8, and Tom)regarding this issue it'll get resolved.

I have nothing to support this opinion, I just feel that it will be so.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Richard Whittall said...

I guess this is measured...what do you want? It's March. But I agree if there ain't nothing doing after dropping Rotten Ronnie than I have no idea what the hell Mo is doing.

As Gramsci said, all men are intellectuals, so that has to include Mo.

1:34 PM  
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