Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is Too Easy

Surely no modern sports figure has been photgraphed in as many bizarre and humiliating poses as Kevin Keegan. As a result, any schmo with five minutes on his hands can put together a series of photos making this man look like a complete buffoon.

Is this fair? Of course not. He wasn't the worst manager England's ever had - unlike some people we could mention, he managed to get the Three Lions to qualify for a major tournament. As a player, he was not only one of England's all-time finest, but he also - unlike today's squad - took up the challenge of playing outside England and learning about foreign cultures and playing styles. And as a club manager, his record at Toon and City may not be stellar, but few if any of his successors can claim a better one.

And had he not played during the only decade in human history where mullets and perms were not only not cause for corporal punishment but actually fashionable, I'm quite sure he'd be considered among the sagest individuals ever to grace a football pitch. Or, at least, he wouldn't suffer in comparison to Bobby Robson.

However, as we blog-writers say, "never look a gift horse in the mouth". And oh my God what a horse this is. And so, forthwith, a photo caption contest. Provide the best captions (I am the judge, my decision final, etc.) to the following four photos of Kevin Keegan and win my copy of David Peace's Damned United, to be delivered just as soon as I finish reading it.





Do your worst.


Blogger Chris Paul said...

NAme the celbrity competition. Is Photo number 3
a) Kevin Keegan
b) Brian May
c) Angie from Eastenders
d) A genetic splice of b) and c)

I have some keeganisms on

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Dear Mr Gramsci, Enclosing keepsake as t. of appr. in return for copy of your Prison Notebooks which I read with interest. Received with grateful thanks, yours, K Keegan."

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1: "Here's one we made before".

2: "Starsky!"

3: KK in a publicity shot from a 1988 Christmas Carol panto, in which the Ghost of Christmas Future is played by Mike Ashley.

4: (since Roswitha got to the Prison Diaries first): "To Antonio, I'll never forget that night on the Reeperbahn. Dein Kumpel 4evah. K"

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) One Siamese twin always gets the bulk of the athletic ability.

2) Singing Burt Bacharach or threatening his paperboy? With Kevin Keegan, a person can never be sure.

3) And he was right. Nothing ever would come between him and his love of fixing cars. Not his father, not his shawl-collared smoking jacket, nothing.

4) "I just got thrown out of a McDonald's in Tibilisi, and I've never felt better in my life."

12:23 AM  

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