Friday, February 01, 2008


Yeah, yeah, I know. Lame graphic. You try to illustrate the concept of an update.

1) Canadian Soccer Association in correct-move shock! CSA has confirmed a triangular TFC-Whitecaps-Impact championship to decide Canada's entrant in the CONCACAF Champions League. Hooray!

2) Contest Winners! You will recall my Kevin Keegan photo contest below, which four of my readers entered. After much soul searching, I feel unable to decide between the two entrants who gave me four entries apiece. So, to Ursus a copy of the Damned United and to Brian, (who I know for a fact already has a copy) I will send a copy of German Football: History, Culture, Society and the 2006 World Cup, of which, for some reason, Amazon sent me two copies instead of one. I'll be in touch for your addresses, gents. Honourable mention to Roswitha who seriously creeped me out.

3) Speaking of Brian and Roswitha, they both have awesome blogs which I have yet to hat-tip. Brian's Run of Play is quite truly awesome; I admire the posting stamina, which rivals even Tom's Pitch Invasion (which got a facelift recently which I think works very well), only with a more literary and even absurdist bent. Roswitha's Treasons, Strategems and Spoils is also a very well-written blog from India which mixes a little cricket with the football, which is a nice touch. I highly recommend both.

4) Kevin Keegan's Newcastle have scored no goals in his 270 minutes in charge. Another 3 or 4 games of this and he may be ready to coach TFC. (rimshot)

TFC kicks off in 57 days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Troppo gentile, but I already have a copy of Damned United (which is ace) and would suggest you give your spare to our brilliant Indian friend.

Any idea if the Whitecaps-TFC matches will be streamed somehow? I am taking remedial courses in trash talking in anticipation of spamming your mobile during the games.

12:43 PM  
Blogger roswitha said...

Roswitha who seriously creeped me out.

I'm sorry to hear it. *g* Surely Keegan was merely being polite, though; in reality, he put down the Prison Notebooks as soon as he realised they offered him no handy tips in dealing with Joey Barton. But that's too prosaic to contemplate.

Also glad to hear you enjoy the blog - thank you!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AG, I think I speak for all the contest entrants when I say that most of the credit belongs to Kevin Keegan. Every artist should have such a canvas.

Also delighted to hear you enjoy Run of Play. Many thanks for the kind words!

4:36 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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5:18 AM  

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