Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Statistical Trivia (part 1)

As of 12:45 EST today (i.e. post-Brazil shellacking Ghana), the World Cup goal scoring count looks like this:

Players who played for Chelsea last season lead all other squads with 8 goals between them. Atletico Madrid and AC Milan were tied second with 6 each. Players from Liverpool, Werder Bremen, Arsenal and Real Madrid were joint fourth place with 5 goals each.

With respect to league play, Premiership players have scored 25 times (and before anyone ticks me off for slagging English football, let me just point out that 21 of those goals were scored by non-English players), La Liga players scored 20 times, Bundesliga players 19 times, and Serie A players just 15 times.

The results to date show just how impoverished the South American leagues have become over the past decade. Only one goal has come from Brazilian league players (the Argentian Tevez) and only the Ecuadorean Kaviedes has scored from the Argentinan league. The Turkish, Iranian, Saudi, Qatari and Serbian leagues all have more goals that that...


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