Monday, June 19, 2006

Crapness personified

Nothing sums up England's complete and utter crapness better than the fact that Peter Crouch, scorer of just 11 goals in 42 games for Liverpool this season, is a freakin' regular for the national squad.

Yes, he has a "good touch for a big man (TM)". Sometimes. And then other times, as in the picture at left (taken during the first half of the T & T match), he gets the ball in the clear, in the six yard box, and takes a shot so awful that it actually bisected a line running from the post to the corner flag.

And before anyone tries mentioning his 82nd minute was a foul, OK? Shouldn't have counted.

Make that 40 years of hurt....


Blogger jo said...

Granted, England's performance could have been better, much better at times even. And yes, Crouch is awkward and not exactly a prolific striker, but with Owen having had terrible injury luck (compounded in the last match against Sweden) and wonder boy Rooney recovering from a broken bone let's cut the team some slack.

First off, Crouch's form did pick up considerably in the last half of the season for Liverpool. He's missed a few sitters and at 6"7 every little thing he does in the box gets picked up on by the ref…but he was never meant to be the star starter upfront.

Second, this World Cup is seeing some of the Premier League's great home grown talent shine. Anyone who's been following the English league the last few years will be excited to see the Gerrard, Cole, Lampard combos and true to form all three of them have been creating and scoring. Moreover, Beckham's been leading well and having a good solid tournament, working his butt off at both ends of the pitch. England's first half against the Swedes shows what the side can do when they're on top – and it's great football that can challenge the likes of Brazil and Argentina. The weakness is more in defense and English goalkeeping just hasn’t been the same since David Seaman stood and watched Ronaldinho lob him 4 years ago. But hey, England are scoring and at the end of the day they've won two and drawn one against a quality Swedish team, and that counts for something.

40 years of hurt….yeah it probably will be, and some more after that. I predict we'll get through to the semis to meet Germany and Gazza's tears will be back.

Ragging on the team is a National pastime so congrats you've past stage one of the citizen test but let's face it, some of the heavy hitters deserve just as much grief. Recent past champions Brazil and Italy have left a lot to be desired and it could be considerably worse, we could be playing like France…

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