Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Good Lord

From the mouth of Steven Gerrard, brain surgeon:

"This is the best England squad I have been involved in since I started with England in 2000."

(just so we're all clear - I'm not making this up. I could not make this up)

"We have under-achieved of late and we need to deliver for this country. I think with the quality we've got here, I don't think the quarter-finals is enough. We should be doing better."

Everybody got that? Two days ago, England were hopeless. Now, after a 3-0 victory over a team ranked 23rd within UEFA, Fleet Street is reporting this drivel straight up.

The semi-finals!?! Is everyone insane? Admittedly, watching England play without Frank Lampard is kind of exhilarating, but come on.

Barring some major catastrophe, Croatia will qualify with a game to spare. Over the up-coming home-and-away against Russia, England are going to drop at least two points and basically have to hope that a) Croatia field second-teamers when they show up at Wembley in November and b) Israel are less abject against Russia than they were in London on Saturday. The nation should be weeping tears of gratitude if the bastards make it to Switzerland by finishing level with Russia and going through on goals scored.

Also, it will be intriguing to see whether or not McLaren has the cojones to keep a fit Lampard out of the starting eleven. I'm guessing not. But we'll have to wait another few weeks to find out.


Anonymous arsenalist said...

I like how you and I both hate England but love Arsenal. I was so upset when they beat Israel, I thought Israel actually had a chance of coming away with a point with all the Ben*'s in that team.

4:57 AM  

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