Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Other Stats You Need to Know

If you're off to watch the match, forget all the quasi-statistical guff about how Germany have never lost in Dortmund, or how the Italians have never lost a competitive match to Germany. It's all nonsense based on inadequate sampling techniques. This game features the two best goalkeepers in the world, it will be a cracking match and that's all you need to know.

BUT...among the statistics you do need....Chelsea players are still top in the competition with 8 goals apiece, though five teams (Arsenal, Atletico, Bremen, Milan, and Real) are joint second with 6 each.

In the sponsors' World Cup, Adidas still has two teams in the running (Germany and France), while Adidas only has one (Portugal), tied with Puma (Italy). Those of you who invest in sporting companies, take note.

Finally, I am especially impressed with the people who put together this site, which tracks team statistics on such vital matters as dives (Italy leads with 28), tantrums (France with 23, Portugal with 22 - tomorrow should be interesting), bullying the referee (Croatia, 5), fake injuries (Paraguay with an astonishing 12), and players not singing the national anthem (Serbia and Montenegro, 31).


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