Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm back

OK, so apparently life at the Globe and Mail desk in Winnipeg is much busier than I had assumed, which accounts for Giuseppe's relegation-level output over the past three weeks (I'm betting much time was spent tracking down the news that Spurs boss and acting legend Martin Jol (pictured in a typically morose pose) has bought vacation property in Manitoba).

But still, you all kept coming to visit (including somebody up in either Churchill or Rankin Inlet who had manged to come almost once a day during the whole time I was gone), longtime reader Cam actually made an appearance in the comments section (welcome!), and a bunch of people I've never met have wished me many happy returns on my recent wedding, all of which touches me to no end. I can only try to repay your kindness and patronage with some decent posts in the near future. I've got lots to relate from my trip to Tanzania, but it'll have to wait a few hours until I manage to download my photos.

So, grazie to Giuseppe and I'll be back in just a bit. Stay tuned.


Anonymous ursus arctos said...

Tony would know what to do with Robbie Keane.

And Dawson.

And Robinson.


8:41 AM  

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