Saturday, August 18, 2007

Narcissism of Small Differences

Ok, so everybody here knows that a star on a jersey at the international level represents the number of world cups won. Everybody also probably knows that a star on a club jersey in Italy means ten scudettos won.

Some of you might even know that in Italy, the presence of a little multi-coloured bull's-eye on the jersey (one that looks like it belongs on the wing of a WW-II spitfire) indicates that the club in question are current holders of the Coppa Italia.

But did you know that in England, only teams that have won the FA Cup are permitted to have triangular corner flags? Everybody else has to do with simple rectangular ones.

Someone smarter than me may be able to derive some deeper meaning from the fact that English FA are prepared to sanction such extraordinarily obscure and trivial public displays of rank, but I'm stumped. To me it just seems dumb.


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