Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Football Blogs

You know my familiar beef about football blogs - too many team-specific blogs, not enough blogs about the game itself. Two in particular have caught my eye this week.

First up is Culture of Soccer, which covers a lot of the same ground as this blog except that its author, David Keyes, is clearly a lot more disciplined about maintaining his site than I am about mine.

Second is pitchinvasion.net, which is a new site specifically about fan cultures. It's still pretty new, and so may still fall prey to the perennial blogger's nemesis of "who the hell has time to update their blog all the time?" syndrome, but let's hope not: it's very much worth reading.

Finally, on the subject of football website - does anybody know what has happened to French football club Web FC? Has the team gone under or does the web site just suck? And why have none of the British journalists covering the MyFootballClub story not clued into the fact that the particular wheeze of fans-own-club-and-choose-tactics -and-players (sort of a James Surowieski take on football management) stuff has already been tried across the channel?

And yes, that's Surowiecki's picture up there. I know, it's lame. But you try finding an appropriate phot to accompany a blog entry about blogs.


Blogger Marco Ursi said...

You have pretty much the best football blog I've seen.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous ursus arctos said...

You might be interested in perusing a current thread we have on the topic at One Touch Football (which happens to be how I found your blog, which I agree is excellent).


11:02 AM  

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