Thursday, October 12, 2006

Three more good sites and an update

I apologize for the lack of a weekend preview this week. Too much work. I'll try harder next week. The gist: zero of special interest in EPL or Serie A, a Barcelona-Sevilla match to die for but still won't be shown on TV (dammit) and a mildly interesting Getafe - Real match which shoud give us an indication if Capello has managed to effect real change this year.

That said, I need to have a little rant about football blogs: I'm getting upset about the dearth of decent, active ones. Too many of them seem to have authors who simply gave up the ghost and haven't had a post in months. And too many of the active ones are brainless fan-rants for a single team.

Refreshing then, to see two decent and very active sites from Spain. The first, All in White, is a single team site for Real Madrid, but an unusually well-written and thoughful one, definitely worth a look. The other, La Liga Loca, is a more general look at Spanish football - very glad to have found this one.

Only one decent find among the English blogs recently: Caught Offside, a multi-writer blog which has some above-averagely intelligent posts. I particularly enjoyed this one, but then I'm biased...

And finally For those of you curious about how French Club Web FC are doing - they are currently lying seventh in the Caen amateur league, and were knocked out of the Coupe de France in the third round.


Anonymous Gonzalo said...

Antonio, thanks for the link and the recommendation. It's nice to see some appreciation, although it's still very early days! Feel free to drop by and comment.

Hope you didn't waste 90-odd minutes of your life watching the Getafe-Real Madrid clash; actually, I suppose a Getafe fan should be pleased with his team's orderly and fearless performance, but even neutrals must have been appalled at the standard of Real's play.

6:46 AM  

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