Monday, July 10, 2006

Now That's Over With...

Ok, now you can all take this as sour grapes from someone who is as bleu as they come, but: Thank God that's over with. I'd just about had it listening to people who only watch football every four years (yeah, I'm talking about you, Vic Rauter!) pronounce on football strategy and tactics.

Random Thoughts on the final few games:

1) Portugal. How did a team that bad make the semis? They must've played some really bad teams on the way...;-)

2) Germany. The focus may not be on them because they only came third, but I think the real story of this world cup is the rehabilitation of Geman football and Germany itself. The games and the atmosphere were great - apparently efficiency can come with a smile! And Germany played wonderful, positive football instead of that defend-like-mad-and-nick-one-on-the-break crap that made them World Champions sixteen years ago.

3) Haircuts. There were no brilliant Waddle-esque mullets of Valerrama-'fros. Even Alice bands were in short supply. In fact, I would argue that there is a correlation between the absence of fey haristyles and Italy's success. Del Piero's shaved head, Totti's close-cropped hair, Cannavaro's psycho-cut...these things showed that the Italians meant business. The exception, of course, was the significantly un-talented Camoranesi, who, in the end, got his hair cut in a slightly wierd on-field post-game ceremony. Indeed, his complete lack of impact on the field suggested that his entire job on the squad was simply to carry everyone else's hirsutial duties for the tournament.

4) Head-butts. Yes, yes, very sad, inexcusable, despicable, tragic end to brilliant career, blah, blah. But let's face it, that was an awesome head-butt. If I could end my career by decking Materazzi, I would. The man is a dink. And at least Zidane had the guts to nail someone openly...unlike certain stars we could name who kick other players in the balls while they're down and claim it was an "accident". And then blame a bystander (even if it was Cristiano Ronaldo) for being sent off.

5) Cowards. I'm sorry, but this is the asshole comment of the year. Domenech owes everything to Zizou. To even insinuate that Zidane "lost" France the tournament is ungratefulness of the highest order.

6) Sour Grapes. Today we get to hear about how beautiful Italian football is (and in truth, though they weren't the better team last night, they still deserved the Cup for their play over for the entire tournament). But tomorrow, we get to revel in the self-destruction of Italian football when the FIGC commission hands down its rulings on the Moggi-opoli scandal. Stay tuned...


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