Thursday, August 30, 2007

Man United Spam Update

So, I wake up this morning and find that this blog's daily hit-count has doubled. Not, let me assure you, due to my own meagre efforts, but rather to those of Tom at PitchInvasion, (possessor of the greatest flickr board in existence), who has kindly decided to link to my previous post about ManU spam and dignify it with the word "campaign". For those of you not bothering to read the comments section under each post, my missive has also attracted its fair-share of humour-challenged Mancs infuriated by my dissing "the greatest club in the world" (sigh...they make it too easy, don't they?).

So given that this seems to be causing some bit of a stir, I'd best mention some correspondence from a loyal reader who says that his message to the spammers was met with a very courteous phone(!) response from the Man Utd USA supporters' association that sent the spam. The gentleman apologized for the spam and said that they had been unaware that the mailing list to which the spam had been sent was filled with a lot of fans of other clubs (a bit odd, but whatever). He fully acknowledged the error and said they were trying to rectify the situation - which, admittedly, is really tough to do without spamming everyone a second time.

I'm not sure how many of you actually chose to contact the ManU folks, nor whether you got a similar call or email. But from where I'm sitting, I'd say fair play to them. They got the message and responded well.

Now, if only Fergie could acknowledge his transfer market blunders - still, no striker! - with the same speed....

(sorry, couldn't help it)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good result.

And for the record, notwithstanding your views on ManU, I have not every thought that your a Wanker.


11:19 PM  
Anonymous man utd gifts said...

thats a good read and if they were spamming what were they wanting 2 achieve in doing so???

6:54 AM  

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