Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just doing some updating to the site, and especially the links list.

When Saturday Comes is best known as a superior mag, not least of all for Ian Penderleith's regular columns outlining the best in football web sites - it is available here.

Stats nerds who have not yet found the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation's primitive but awesomely complete web site need to visit it here.

I'm not sure who has the time to do Soccer Spain's website, but good on them for taking it.

All Things Footie is an intelligent site - more frequent postings would be nice, but I'm not exactly one to talk.

One of the strangest football apparitions on the internet is the French club Web FC. The club, which plays in the higher levels of the Caen region's amateur league, is entirely web-based - registered fans (go ahead an try it) can vote for the starting XI and on many tactical decisions (there is a staggering amount of statistical dat aon players here to help you make your choices...even seasoned Champo fanatics may blush). The team currently has over 13,000 "trainers" from around the world.

Finally - though it's not strictly a football site, the Danish School of Journalism's site Play The Game is one of the best spots to get the lowdown on corruption in football, FIFA politics and the politics of sport in the developing world. Absolutely top notch.

What's the photo for? Well, since Sevilla's president Jose Maria Del Nido is still in a snit over TV rights, still pictures like this are currently the only way to watch Spain's table-topping team. I'm really hoping this fight ends soon, because this is definitely the season to watch the rojiblancos. 'Til then, enjoy the photo - and Vamos, campeons!


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